Let there be light

So the stilt house is done, It warms my heart that the first thing the girls wanted for it was a garbage can. And while we were at the store, they asked for a dustpan, too. I splurged and got them the set with a little whisk broom. We’ll see how often it gets used.

wpid-20141220_170240.jpgSince it’s just in time for the winter solstice, if we’re going to use this thing, it needs light. in fact, Eliza put a good lantern on her Christmas list. But seriously, we can do better. Especially since they have ropes of LEDs for $20 at Costco. I bought a set and a big-ass battery. I think this one mostly gets used for electric lawnmowers. 12V, 18 aH.

I tested the lights and they draw 1 amp at full brightness, and it drops with color, etc. Should get several days out of a charge. I’ll eventually get solar for it. I thought I had a little solar panel that could trickle charge it, but it got cracked in the move. I figure that a pretty small one should keep it up since they’ll probably only run the lights every few days.


The effect is pretty damn cool.Though when the kids are in high school, I’m going to be a little worried that there really is a rave going on out there.

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