Stilt house gets done

stilt house mostly doneThe stilt house has really come together over the last couple of weeks, and today it wrapped up (but too late in the evening for good pictures). Billy, our contractor, made this thing fly up in no time. It made me really glad I didn’t try it myself, watching how quickly he’d just offhandedly cut pieces to fit where I would have had to spend hours measuring twice and all that. Plus, his fit better. He also could do things like frame in windows and throw on a roof without having to spend half a day on the internet reading about how to do it.

Hiring him meant the difference between 1st and 4th grade┬ákids excited about their tree house and middle school kids wondering why their crazy dad was still trying to build them one. It’s interesting to note that the first thing the girls did when it was declared “finished” was to sweep and mop.sanding deck

The house feels seriously sturdy: the door fits tightly, the windows go up and down. The deck could hold a bunch of kids jumping up and down (nb: must test this).

It’s also funny that, while I declared it done, the girls insisted that it wasn’t finished until the doorknob was installed. Finally done at 20:00. Took this as an opportunity to finally get a new lock for our front door (we didn’t actually have a key to the deadbolt since we bought the house a year and a half ago), and put the old front door knob on the tree house.

There are still a few things left to do… Pain, stain the deck, add a solar lighting system. And, of course, the fire pole. Still working on finding this one!

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