Backyard thoughts

As we think about making the house bigger, that requires pushing the structure into the backyard. The problem is that the yard is already pretty small to begin with, and we use it, a lot.

What we’d like: space to garden, space for large groups to gather. Outdoor cooking area would be great (more than just grill, we’d like to have a pizza oven, as well).

Here’s a model of the yard.


And some shots from different angles. We had a plan to add planters and patios and lawn, but put them on hold as we started thinking about the renovation. We dumped wood chips in to make in not a muddy mess.

The garden beds are probably re-thinkable, though the back one has citrus trees that we are espaliering across the back fence.

Here’s an example of 30 people in the yard watching a movie on the side of the treehouse






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